Hyundai Model Lineup

Hyundai Model Lineup at Georgetown Hyundai

Our Hyundai model lineup has an option for every driver. Whether you want a crossover or SUV fit for off-road or city travel, a compact or sedan that always remains stylish, or a hybrid or electric to stay incredibly fuel efficient. Georgetown Hyundai is your destination for a wide-ranging and extensive inventory of these vehicles, so discover the one that’s fit for you.

Crossovers & SUVs


This new take on the classic SUV is fit for your everyday city needs, incredibly agile and compact to fit in any space you need it to.


This new entrant in the Hyundai lineup presents both the spirit and utility for off-road adventure with a sophisticated design.


Your Hyundai that’s ready for any adventure you desire, the Tucson is both technologically innovative and fit for the demands of the country.

Santa Fe

One of the safest vehicles on the road, the Santa Fe comes with a host of driver-assisted tech that’ll make your drive more secure and easier than ever.


This first-ever in the lineup has already made its mark as the flagship Hyundai SUV. It’s gorgeously modern, fit for 8 passengers and all the cargo you require.

Compacts & Sedans


Built for the everyday driver, the Elantra combines smart connectivity with a gorgeously striking design that stands out in the city.

Elantra Sport

The more powerful and sport-tuned version of the Elantra, this Sport model is designed for those with a thrill for high-level performance.

Elantra GT

This hatchback style of the classic Elantra provides both exceptional style with comfortable space for all your needs.


Sat on a wide stance and aerodynamically low-profile, the Sonata presents a 4-door coupe style that’s sleek and ready to tackle every bend.


The unique 3-door design of the Veloster sets you apart from others on the road, a sports coupe that delivers an unmatched driving experience.


One of the most comprehensive cars on the market, the 5-door Accent allows for exceptional passenger space and cargo room.

Hybrids & Electrics

IONIQ Hybrid

The most fuel efficient car on Canadian roads, the IONIQ Hybrid delivers exceptional fuel economy that’ll take you over long distances.

IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid

Mixing electric and gas power, depending on your needs, this innovative vehicle is at your mercy, and always does so efficiently.

IONIQ Electric

The all-electric IONIQ is your source to an emissions-free driving experience that truly puts you in the new-age of automotives.

Sonata Hybrid

A hybrid hasn’t looked this good since the Sonata introduced its own version. This sports coupe is both high-performing and economical.

Kona Electric

The first sub-compact electric SUV available in Canada, the Kona Electric is happy to be a groundbreaker.

If you have any questions about any vehicle in our Hyundai lineup, or have your eye on one in particular, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!