Finance Department

Our Finance Department at Georgetown Hyundai

Purchasing a new Hyundai has never been easier than with the help from our finance team at Georgetown Hyundai. It doesn’t matter what your history has been through your credit, or the vehicles you’ve had previously, we’ll work with you, and through our financing resources, to get you into the Hyundai you want, now. When it comes to the cost and payment of a vehicle it can often feel overwhelming, we get this, but we’re here to take as much stress out of the experience as possible. Have confidence in our finance department to work hard to get you into your desired Hyundai, at competitive financing rates and regardless of your credit history.

Apply For Financing in Ontario

When you apply for financing with us at Georgetown Hyundai, we’re here to assist you as a go-between from your vehicle to the lending institution. Working on your behalf means we take our years of experience, and connections in the area to get you the best financing that works within your means, helping find you a variety of options, and ultimately one that is suited for unique needs. Even beyond vehicle loans, we do so much more to ensure you get what you want and feel comfortable at the same time, which is why we offer things like credit protection, to reduce one less worry over the process. A vehicle is a big purchase, but with help from us at Georgetown Hyundai we’ll guide you through every step.

Fill Out a Credit Application

Filling out a credit application is your next biggest step in finding the rates and terms for your vehicle, assisted through your credit history. We make it simple and convenient to fill out a credit application form, as you can do it from the comfort and luxury of your own computer by filling it out online here. Applying for credit has never been easier, and thus so will be finding and locking down your next vehicle. This all equals to easy shopping and purchasing through the helpful financial assistance we work hard to provide at Georgetown Hyundai. Purchase a new Hyundai, on your terms and even with credit issues, at our Hyundai dealership.

Take the guesswork out of the many numbers and terms that come with purchasing and financing a vehicle by doing it through Georgetown Hyundai. If you have any questions, or just want to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us for more.